ANYONE can make a fortune in the gold bullion business!
The average person - anywhere in the world - can do this - with our help!  Become a Representative of the Gold Mint International located in Belize City, Belize.  Work part time or full time from your home, and get paid in GOLD.  No investment, no selling of gold, no gold purchase required, no educational level required, no experience necessary, no risk and no way to be hurt financially.  Free training!  USA office: 281-548-3131.

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Belize Gold Medallion. 1 oz. 0.999 FINE

Promote the Belize Gold Medallion , a one-ounce gold bullion medallion/coin that competes with government gold bullion coins such as the American Gold Eagle, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the South African Krugerrand, etc.  Belize is located at the southern tip of Mexico, on the Caribbean Sea; and it is a British Commonwealth.  Go to: www.travelbelize.orgThe Belize Gold Medallion will not be sold to the general public.

The Belize Gold Medallion is far superior to government gold coins.

Disadvantages of government gold coins:
1. It costs money to own and use them.
2. They can be confiscated by the government.
3. No privacy (the government knows you have them).
4. They are difficult to trade directly for goods and services.
5. Government regulation (classified as securities).
6. They do not earn interest on deposit.
7. The government mint will not buy them back.
8. They cannot produce residual income for you.

Advantages of Belize Gold Medallions:
1. Representatives can EARN them and use them at NO COST.
2. They CAN NOT be confiscated by the government.
3. Total privacy (no one knows you have them).
4. They can easily be traded directly for goods and services.
5. No government regulation.
6. They can earn bank-rate interest when left on deposit.
7. The Mint will buy them back based on SPOT.
8. They can produce a HUGE residual monthly income for you.

How do you promote the Belize Gold Medallion?

Simply sponsor five (5) other Representatives into the Gold Mint International, Inc.  Free training.  How many people do you know that would like to get in the gold business part/full time?  Put your family on the Gold Standard - always barter for goods and services with GOLD instead of cash!  No more inflation, recession or unemployment.  Work from home.  Each Representative is on a commission basis and is paid in gold bullion (cash option)!  It is the greatest earning and/or savings plan in existence!

Need more information?

Contact a Representative of the Gold Mint International, Inc. or call 281-548-3131.